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Our services explained

European Digital Marketing Services

We are there for North American companies that want to increase their sales in Europe. By connecting with relevant target audiences on online channels,  we will significantly increase your brand awareness. We will generate valuable leads for your European sales team to follow up with, ultimately driving your European sales. 

Digital marketing in the European landscape

On a similarly sized surface area as the US or Canadathe European continent counts 51 countries, most of them with their own language and culture. This great variety leads to several challenges for doing business, especially when you are not familiar with the European landscapeWe help companies from North America overcome these challenges and get the best results out of their (digital) marketing. Our specialties:

  • Digital B2B marketing in Europe
  • Digital marketing strategy Europe-wide
  • Content marketing for European countries
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for European countries
  • Google advertising in Europe (PPC)
  • LinkedIn advertising in Europe
  • Facebook advertising in Europe
  • Web design and web development
  • Conversion optimization in Europe
  • Translation services for European languages

Enable sales with digital marketing

The majority of our clients use digital marketing in their home markets, thereby gaining an advantage over their competitors. In general,  you need an average of 6 to 8 moments of contact to make a sale. With digital marketing it is easy to create those touchpoints. Therefore, we not only see digital marketing as a way to plug your brand in the minds of your consumer, but even more as a way to enable sales. Digital marketing is not some “thing” to be done on the side, but a crucial investment needed to gain a foothold in an increasingly complex sales landscape. That’s what we believe in. 

Why do you need a digital presence in Europe?

  • 80% of European B2B buyers do their research online.
  • 76% of all B2B buyers express a strong desire for “content that speaks directly to their company”.
  • 75% of buyers prefer to read product information in their own language, and 60% rarely or never buy from English-only websites.

Let us create and implement a truly localized EU digital marketing strategy, in compliance with EU standards, cultures and languages.

What you will gain with our Digital Marketing services 

Have you ever reached out to 40,000 people in your target audience through classic sales channels? Don’t think so. But we did. In two weeks. By using online channels. That’s what our digital marketing services are all about; they will kickstart your online presence in Europe and generate high quality leads for your European sales team. We will build on your European digital marketing strategy together, saving you all the hassle of finding it out yourself. You will benefit from our years of experience and our knowledge of the European market in one go. The services are accessible and low-risk, and have proven to be a very solid foundation for long-term online success. 

A 1-year commitment

We always go for low-hanging fruits to start moving the needle quickly. However, it usually takes 9 to 12 months for real ROI to manifest. During this time, we strive to become an extension of your company in Europe. And, we commit hard to raising your brand awareness, driving traffic and increasing leads. At EuroDev, we have a clear preference for marketing activities that work for B2B. Consequently, we focus on attracting interest through high-value content.

We are in it together – let’s create a true partnership.

What we do

In the European Union alone, there are 28 countries with 24 official languages. Finding your target audience can be quite the challenge, and approaching them is even harder. That’s where we come in. We help you with: 

  • Digital Marketing strategy in every European country 
  • Website (and microsite) development 
  • Translations of content 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Search Engine Advertising (Google Ads) 
  • Email marketing (GDPR compliant) 
  • Social media advertising (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn) 
  • Remarketing campaigns 

With our native speakers and over 20 years of business development experience in Europe, we know all about countries like the UK, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albany, Greece and Turkey. Therefore, we can provide SEO services and digital marketing for each of the countries. 

Digital Marketing landscape

Deep localization of your digital marketing efforts. Without the hassle. We know European B2B digital marketing inside out, and have access to growing and active local networks. Consequently, we can let you develop new markets before you take the plunge, and do so cost-effectively. This allows you to build brand awareness in any European market, so selling becomes easy. Afterwards, you will have more visibility in Europe to further grow your business.

We do the heavy lifting for you and develop the Digital Marketing Strategy:

  • GDPR Compliance
  • Inbound marketing (pull)
  • Outbound marketing (push)
  • eCommerce management
  • Website and content localization

Whether you have your own team or outsource your EU sales efforts to EuroDev, we align your marketing efforts with your sales strategy.

How we work

Our goal is to be your go-to European digital marketing agency. That’s why working together with EuroDev means having a committed team taking care of all your digital marketing operations in the European market, from start to finish. With knowledge of your target audience, the (online) channels they use, and the ability to reach out to them with specific, localized marketing efforts, we get the best results for your marketing money. To make our marketing efforts as effective as possible, we work closely together with you, your European sales department and your (digital) marketing department. That way we ensure that all marketing efforts contribute to the greater goal; to drive your business in Europe. 

DM team

Questions about digital marketing in Europe?

If you’re wondering whether now is the right time to expand to Europe, or what the benefits of working with EuroDev are, feel free to get in touch!

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Lars Ruiterkamp - VP Digital Marketing

Lars Ruiterkamp

VP Digital Marketing

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