Employer of Record Services

Hiring in a foreign market does not have to be complex. When you engage with EuroDev’s European Employer of Record Services, we allow you to onboard the best global talent without the compliance, payroll and benefits headaches. This means that you do not need to establish a legal presence/entity in the European countries you operate in. EuroDev can handle all aspects of your European staffing needs – from onboarding to offboarding


What our Clients Appreciate

  • Having an assigned team that builds trust and a relationship with the client and the employees 
  • European knowledge, 27 years of experience 
  • One partner in all European countries 
  • Customizable benefit plans 
  • Making the effort to truly understand their organization's values and processes 

We know Europe

Are you looking for HR Outsourcing solutions such asPEO or an EOR service in a specific European country? Check out our EuroPedia and learn more about each European country.