Medical Trade Shows EU: Showcasing Innovation in EU Market

Last updated: 27 September 2023


Europe is known to host some of the biggest trade shows globally. The region's well-connected transportation makes it possible to navigate from one trade show to another – while exploring the beautiful landscapes and technologies.

As an exhibitor and a visitor of healthcare trade shows, you should start by solidifying plans to grow your presence in Europe for the year, which would increase generating quality deals.

Below, you will find a list of European medical trade shows you shouldn't miss in 2023. Furthermore, the blog will help you identify the ones that best present the trends and developments in the medical device sector within Europe.


Most Interesting Medical Trade Shows in Europe


We created a list of medical trade shows for 2023 that exhibitors and visitors shouldn't miss:


Expopharm: Shaping the pharmacy together


Trade fair dates: September 27–30, 2023

Where: Düsseldorf, Germany


Expopharm is one of the biggest European pharmaceutical trade shows, with over 500 exhibitors showcasing new technologies and solutions. Expopharm always presents a unique environment in the pharmaceutical environment with a diverse knowledge transfer across the sector.

The trade show is populated with more than 500 exhibitors and 100 speakers presenting the latest technologies and solutions within the market.

At Expopharm, you will learn about new products and services from different exhibitors. In addition, you will experience high-profile trade show programs with practical scientific content on current topics.

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Rehacare International: Worldwide medical trade show for rehabilitation and care


Trade fair dates: September 13–16, 2023

Where: Düsseldorf, Germany


With more than 750 exhibitors and 38000 visitors, Rehacare is the world’s largest trade show for rehabilitation and care. The fair boasts products from daily living and mobility aids to nursing care, protective gear, and in-patient medical products. This medical trade show provides “innovative solutions for all areas of life and every disability.”


CPhl Worldwide: Medical trade show where business meets science


Trade fair dates: October 24–26, 2023

Where: Barcelona, Spain


North American suppliers in the pharmaceutical sector should consider exhibiting or visiting the CPhl trade show in Barcelona. This medical trade show unites global communities in different sectors – with a major focus on pharmacy.

The show offers unrivaled opportunities to meet premier suppliers, distributors, and business development experts within Europe.

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MEDICA 2023: The biggest healthcare trade show


Trade fair dates: November 13–16, 2023

Where: Dusseldorf, Germany


MEDICA is the biggest healthcare trade show, with exhibitors coming together to bring innovation and technology. The trade show targets medical technology, hospital, surgery, equipment, electromedicine, and laboratory equipment suppliers from different countries.

With more than 120 speakers, 100 selected start-ups, and 5000 global attendees, it is the global hotspot for finding the best medical device distributors. The show hosts high-profile trade show programs ranging from disposable and consumables and diagnostic tests to programs like European medical device regulations.


COMPAMED 2023: High-tech solutions in healthcare


Trade fair dates: November 13–16, 2023

Where: Dusseldorf, Germany


COMPAMED is another world-leading platform for medical technologies and in-vitro diagnostics devices. The trade show brings together companies in the industry that demonstrate their products and technology concepts that will have a lasting impact on the industry.

Considering this medical trade show, it is important to understand that the focus will always be on innovation, the introduction of forward-looking components, and new services.

In the past, this trade show has become a hotspot for complex high-tech solutions in microtechnology and nanotechnology for IVDs. Like Medica, Compamed provides North American medical device manufacturers with the opportunity to meet with different trade fair suppliers and industry experts. Before the show, Compamed often displays a list of all potential trade show exhibitors, making it even more exciting to visit. 

For more healthcare trade shows, feel free to follow the link: Most Interesting European Medical Trade Shows.


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