The US/CA to EU market

With 746 million inhabitants and an estimated 22% share of the world's nominal GDP (North America 27%), Europe is America's largest export market. The demand in the industrial, commercial and residential building sector has never been this high. Greener building regulations create more room for innovative products that are focused on sustainability. This is a market where North American manufacturers can grow their profits.  

Also, the good trade relations between the USA / Canada and the EU, and the efficient infrastructure are great stimulators for exporting your products across the Atlantic.

Overcoming all barriers

The number 1 barrier to cross when you start exporting to Europe is meeting the technical and legal regulations. Number 2 and 3 are languages and time zones. The UK used to be the preferred place to start. Nowadays Germany, France, Spain and Italy are strong options as well, sometimes with a production facility in Eastern Europe. This is where a dedicated partner like EuroDev can make a big difference.

EuroDev's mission is to be the European business development partner for midsized North American companies in Glass, Ceramics and Concrete.

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Unique 4 month introductory program

Before you commit, you want to be sure the market is ready for your products. That's why EuroDev offers a unique introduction program. Within 4 months you’ll receive a market research report, a viable entry or expansion strategy and multiple qualified leads. During a (physical or digital) EU business trip you and the project manager visit the prospective clients together and make a plan for the next steps.

4 month introduction program

5 reasons our clients love working with EuroDev

  • Specialized in the export from North America to Europe
  • Local presence and multilingual support (20+ languages!)
  • Dedicated team operating under your brand/company name
  • Extensive network of OEMs, distributors and contractors
  • 25+ years of sales outsourcing, HR services and marketing expertise
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Are you ready for Europe?

This test will provide an overview of your potential fit in Europe. We will be in contact with the results shortly after completion.

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Jose Prieto VP Industrial

Jose Prieto
VP Industrial

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+31 546 66 00 00